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Enhance your team with specialist skill sets. Each consultant in our curated network is an authority in their field, and Green Bee will match you with the people you need.


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With 80% of the global workforce set to be independent freelancers by 2030, it’s more important than ever to have access to a trusted network.
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Hiring a consultant through our expert platform saves 50% compared to the heavy markups used by traditional consultancy firms.
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Rigorous talent selection

All our consultants are hand picked to
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Get as much or as little support as you need,
from an hour’s call to a full project.

How it works

Start by signing up for a free client account and filling in our simple online wizard with your project requirements. If we need more information, we may get in touch with you.

You will then get access to our platform to search our database and invite consultants to your posted projects. We are there to support you with recommendations.

You can then speak to your expert(s) before making a final selection. Unlike in traditional consultancies, whoever you choose will be your dedicated expert.

Once you have made your selection, we will facilitate contracts and payments so that your expert can begin work on your project.

A world-class community of experts at your finger tip

Ergem T.
Expert in supply chains, green entrepreneurship, partnerships and collaborations.
Circular Economy checkmark
Torsten G.
Expert in circular economy procurement solutions
Environmental Protection checkmark
Cammy S.
Expert in sustainability in the construction sector”
Energy & Emissions checkmark
Neal C.
Expert in Net Zero Technology and low carbon home energy management
Sustainable Infrastructure checkmark
Tom B.
Expert in policy development and corporate environmental compliance
Legal & Regulations checkmark
Maggie H.
Expert and scientist in De-carbonized Energy Systems & Hydrogen
Energy & Emissions checkmark

How we helped some of our clients

LEED certification for a mega real-estate developer

Need: Client needed to conduct LEED certifications on a mega development project.

Outcome: Green Bee matched the client with a LEED certified consultant, the study was delivered on time and the client saved over 50% on cost in compared to going with one of the traditional consulting companies.

Market research on client entry to East Africa

Need: A manufacturing conglomerate reached out to Green Bee to expand its operation and access to the market in East Africa.

Outcome: Green Bee matched the client with a number of local market entry consultants in East Africa and took charge of the project management as well.

Regenerative business structure for a retail client

Need: A client in the apparel industry wanted to build a regenerative business structure into their core business and requested green bee staffing and payroll services

Outcome: Green Bee matched the client with 3 top consultants in the sustainable fashion industry and managed the payroll requirements.

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