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What we believe

  1. Businesses can have a positive impact on local communities and global outcomes, without sacrificing profitability.
  2. Together we can reverse environmental degradation and economic regression, building innovative solutions for gaps in societal infrastructure, with the potential to rectify generational issues.
  3. To create this better future, to create better business, we need better expertise. Experts who understand the layers of global expectations and country-specific challenges. Consultants who are highly practised in finding sustainable solutions that enable businesses to keep scaling for profit.

Green Bee matches you with leading experts in their respective fields. Our experts provide you with the exact advice or acumen you need to advance your business.

A world-class community of experts at your finger tip

Maggie H.
Expert and scientist in De-carbonized Energy Systems & Hydrogen
Energy & Emissions checkmark
Anisha R.
Expert on the  the intersection of human rights, business and international development
International Development checkmark
Bhupin G.
Expert in corporate finance, M&A, corporate development and energy transition
Sustainable Finance checkmark
Peter J H.
25+ years expert in supply chain and environmental mitigation products
Supply Chain checkmark
Philippa S.
Environmental management expert within the automotive sector, sustainability practitioner, ISO certification auditor
Corporate Responsibility checkmark
Lexi L.
Expert in Market Development, Social Enterprise , Impact & Brand Purpose
Social Impact checkmark
Ania K.
Experienced management consultant focused on the forest, plastics and packaging value chains
Supply Chain checkmark
Alexey T.
Experienced finance professional with over 20 years of practice
Sustainable Finance checkmark
Kamil B.
Private markets investment manager with 15 years of global experience in impact private equity, ESG & technology
Finance checkmark

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