How to Promote Sustainable Infrastructure PPPs in MENA

By Mhamed Biygautane
Member of Green Bee’s Network of Experts

PPPs in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are often restricted to technology-intensive sectors. To date, they have rarely been adopted in social infrastructure projects. The two key factors underlying the lack of PPPs in a wide range of social services, are the traditional dominance of the state and insufficient capacity of the private sector.

In many post-colonial MENA countries, the state continues to play a more significant role in the economy, and cases of successful privatisation and a larger involvement of private finance in infrastructure delivery remain the exception and not the rule. A range of reforms is needed to fill current PPP pipelines with projects that can provide social services and necessary infrastructure.

This briefing puts forth six recommendations that help facilitate a broader implementation of PPPs in the MENA region.

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