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Here at Green Bee Insights, our mission is to transform every business to one which is more environmentally-friendly and sustainable. Using resources kinder to our environment is essential and when it comes to the food industry, we already can see some incredible trail blazers.

Here’s a list of our favourite sustainable food companies at the moment:

Organic Valley

Farmer owned since 1988, Organic Valley has gone from strength to strength. Not only do they produce organic products for the masses, they’re committed to sustainability pledges. They use 100% renewable electricity on their owned facilities to help bring down their carbon emissions. It’s no secret that the production of dairy products requires a lot of upkeep and animals produce a lot of methane. We’re impressed that Organic Valley has tried to reduce their emissions as much as this.

With their own solar panel pledges, they’ve been recognised as business leaders for taking action against climate change, proving that you can still enjoy the foods you love without major sacrifices to the world around us.

Ella’s Kitchen

Ella’s Kitchen has been producing and selling healthy food for kids since 2006. Not only do they make great products but they have a variety of pledges and commitments to the environment.

From working with externally set targets, Ella’s Kitchen is trying to be net-zero by 2030 and work alongside conservation partners to restore and rewild the ecosystems in which they rely upon. This shows a positive step in the right direction to us.

All Plants

With the rising trend of veganism and a more conscious attempt to cut down on meat, people want tasty vegan meals, this is where All Plants has come into action. By allowing consumers to purchase vegan meal plans, they can easily cook and create tasty meals at home without worrying about getting all the right ingredients.

On top of that, All Plants achieved a B Corp Certification in 2018 to verify their efforts of B Corporations using their power and influence to help solve social and environmental problems. Here at Green Bee Insights, we wanted to showcase All Plants to prove to companies that a more environmentally friendly business is still profitable and sustainable.


OLIO’s business model is based on community and the selflessness of others. By using this beautiful app, users can advertise food that is close to its use by date and allow others to collect it to cook with and repurpose.

With 4.7 million users and growing, OLIO is a fantastic idea that we can get behind, food waste is a large contributing factor to global warming so anything that helps to reduce that is great in our eyes.

Chip[S] Board

Not a company you directly buy food from, London designers Rowan Minkley and Robert Nicoll recycle old potato peelings and coffee grounds to help create MDF and chipboard material. The best thing about this recycled material is that it doesn’t use toxic chemicals known in regular MDF and is biodegradable when it is no longer in use, keeping things a lot more sustainable than just piling up in landfills.

Green Bee Insights is excited to see how this company continues to grow. Reducing food and material waste all in one product is a positive step to creating a sustainable business.

Do you have any favourite sustainable food companies that are working to help tackle the climate crisis? Feel free to comment below. You can also check out some other similar articles like this one from Eating Made Easy.

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