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Exploring How and Why Changes in Consumer Behavior Influence Demands for Sustainability and Ethics – Case Study

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This report provides an overview of how consumers attitudes are changing on the issue of environmental responsibility. It looks at how particular behaviors have emerged as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and how it will influence consumer actions in the years ahead.

Attitudes to environmental responsibility have swayed as single-use plastics have seen a resurgence during COVID-19. At the same time, consumers remain conscious of environmental protection, and express a growing importance of the need to mitigate the adverse impact of factors like climate change. The outbreak of the pandemic has accelerated the demand for greater social responsibility towards our environment.


  • Sustainability is increasingly motivating how and what consumers eat. Over a quarter (27%) of global consumers consider sustainable factors as a reason to consumer plant-based alternatives.
  • Greater attention has been placed on product biodegradability beyond packaging. By designing out plastic, all product components are intended to decompose without the end-consumer forced to separate individual parts.
  • After a year of the COVID-19 pandemic, environmentally friendly packaging remains one of the key drivers of purchase; appealing to over a third of global consumers.

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  • Explore how and why changes in consumer behavior influence demands for sustainability and ethics
  • Identify emerging trends to help better position your company.
  • Discover how new consumer behavior will influence actions going forward.

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Consumer Behavior Case Study: Environmental Responsibility




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