Webinar – East Africa at a Crossroad: Regional Integration, Emerging Opportunities, and New Conflicts

This webinar shed light on the current economic and political drivers of regional integration in East Africa. Panellists discussed the region’s future political outlook and economic opportunities.

Alia Eshaq, Managing Partner at Green Bee Group, moderated the event.

The panellists were:

Ambassador Dr. Namira Negm, Legal Counsel and Director of Department of Legal Affairs of the African Union: Dr. Negm discussed the current state of affairs in East Africa and the opportunities and challenges. She stressed that economic integration, which can foster development, needs political will, peace, and security. She also shared insights on the Ethiopian conflict and possible implications for the region.

Miguel Azevedo, Head of Investment Banking Middle East and Africa (ex SA), Citi Group: Miguel described a framework for the EAC to attract investors. He explained that the EAC needs to work on the micro and macro policy levels to maximise cash flows and minimise the discount rate. He stressed the importance of ensuring capital is available at lowest cost possible with solid macroeconomic management.

Dr. Aloysius Uche Ordu, Senior Fellow and Director of the Africa Growth Initiative, Brookings: Dr. Ordu concluded with a big picture outlook for the East African region. He described an “East Africa to aspire to” by 2050 and highlighted the policies required to attain economic prosperity. Dr. Ordu acknowledged that free trade will remain a priority, but also stressed the importance of non-tariff barriers (e.g. infrastructure and connectivity deficiencies).

Watch the full recording below.

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